Friday, March 26, 2010

A Kiss in Winter- Romantic Suspense

Title: A Kiss in Winter
Author: Susan Crandall
Publisher: Forever (January 1, 2007).
ISBN: 0446616400
Pages: 416
A Kiss in Winter
Romantic Suspense
Who would suspect that so much emotional baggage, family disappointments and romantic suspense could be found in a small town in Kentucky? But Susan Crandall's A Kiss in Winter shows us that it is indeed possible. The book tells the story of Caroline, a woman who has experienced the tragic loss of both her biological and adoptive parents at a young age. Caroline is forced to put her dreams on hold in order to raise her stepsister and stepbrother, Macie and Sam. As the story progresses other interesting characters are introduced, adding a twist to the plot. Including Marcie's high school boyfriend, Caleb, and Dr. Mick Larson, a psychiatrist, who, ironically, could use a psychiatrist himself because of his father's unreasonable demands and expectations. A romance between Caroline and Dr. Larson develops, but problems ensue because Caroline wants to leave Kentucky, while Dr. Larson desires to stay. A Kiss in Winter is a true romantic thrill ride for the soul as readers wonder if Caroline will open her heart to Dr. Larson and stay in Kentucky. This is the book to read if you are searching for Mr.Right, when everything else seem to be going wrong. It's a true page turner, readers will not be disappointed.

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  1. I find that many mental health professionals need a mental health professional. :)
    Perhaps like with students and teachers,who learn from each other; the same is true for doctors and patients.

    You appear to be drawn to books with well developed characters that readers can connect with - I think these types of books make for excellent book discussion books because the connection creates interest and the interest creates discussion.