Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Reader's Advisor is in...

Reader's Advisor is in...

I sent out an e-mail invitation to the staff at Indianapolis- Marion County Public Library (Library Service Center). I invited them to bring a "good read" and a pencil. I told them if they arrive early I would buy them lunch. To my surprise I had over 20 people that showed up, ready and willing to help me complete this assignment.

As they ate pizza, I listen to each person chat about what books they love to read, along with books they hate to read. Afterwards, I selected 5 people to participate in the Reader's Advisory Focus Group.

Each participant receive a questionaire with 8 questions:

1. Tell me what you are in the mood for?

2. Is there a particular type of work that you avoid in your genre reading?
3. Which type of genre do you enjoy reading and how many per year?
Mystery __ , Romance __, Science fiction __, Fantasy __, Horror __, Western __, Adventure __, Historical __, Other __,
4. Name four favorite authors in your favorite genre.
5. What appeals to you most about this genre?
6. If you could read but one genre, what would that be?
7. How do you keep up with new books in your favorite genre?
a) Browse in library
b) Read reviews in library and book trade periodicals
c) Read reviews on IMCPL’s web site
8. Is there a particular type of work that you avoid in your genre reading?

I gave them about 10 minutes to complete the questionaire. Next, I went over the questionaire with the participants. I also informed them that I would make recommendations based on the answer listed on the questionaire.

After the Focus Group, I went over each participant questionaire. I created a chart to track each participant reading habits, preferences, and 4 favor authors. Based on the information on the chart, I just with the following resources:

  • Reference Books
    Example: What Do I Read Next: A Reader’s Guide to Current Genre Fiction

  • Read-alike Resources

  • Lastly, a colleague

Reader’s Advisor Tools Used:

With Search Capabilities

  • Readers’ Advisor Online

  • All Readers

  • Novelist


  • Fiction Connection

  • Amazon

  • FictionDB

Links to Reader's Advisory Resources on the Web

  • Mount Mercy College's Reader's Advisory webliography

  • Overbooked: Reader's Advisory Links

  • Reader's Advisory Electronic Resources (general, and by genre)

  • Webrary (Morton Grove Public Library)

  • Sarah's Reference Warehouse: Reader's Advisory

Using these resources and tools, I was able to recommend a few books they were pleased with; however, I must keep practicing and reading in order to become a better Reader's Advisor.

This was an awesome experience; however, I think I focused more on the process verse the overall result of locating books my participants would love to read.

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